Women’s Health Wednesday

12 September 2018

12 September 2018 // This month the IF Global Prevention Initiative (IFGPI) has launched the ‘Women’s Health Wednesday’ campaign, creating a new occasion to spread awareness about women’s health literacy, especially around the topics of neural tube defects (NTDs) prevention, healthy pregnancy and preconception.

The initiative will take place on our social media pages, and every Wednesday a poll will be published on the IFGPI Facebook page and on Twitter, asking our friends and followers to give us insights into specific topics. These topics will change every month and will always be related to women’s health and prevention.

This month’s topic is non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Last week, the poll addressed the relation between women’s health and alcohol, asking our followers whether they think there is a minimum amount of alcohol that can be considered safe during pregnancy or not. The participants agreed that there is no amount of alcohol that can be considered ‘safe’ during pregnancy.

Today, the IFGPI has launched the new Women’s Health Wednesday poll which focuses on obesity, one of the risk factors for NCDs, and for NTDs. We highly encourage you to participate in the poll and share it among your friends, family and colleagues. You can find the poll on Facebook and on IF’s Twitter account.