Call for action! IF together with partners endorses the Call to Action to Protect the Right to Family Life and Prevent Institutionalisation for All Children

29 July 2021

The International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (IF) is an active member of the Coalition to Protect The Right to Family Life for All Children. In 2019 the Coalition published a statement on the right to family of children without parental care.  

Following that statement IF, together with the other signatories, now publishes a new call to action to protect the right to family life and prevent institutionalisation for all children. There is an urgent need to harmonise international human rights standards concerning children deprived of parental care. All children need families and children with disabilities need to receive adequate support in order to see that right realised. 

In particular IF would like to emphasise the important role the right to health and access to quality and affordable healthcare services play in preventing the deinstitutionalisation of children with disabilities.

IF invites its member associations, disability rights organisations and organisation’s active on the topic of deinstitutionalisation and the rights of the child to support the call to action to protect the right to family life for all children. 

The call to action can be found here. 

La traducción al español del llamamiento a la acción está disponible aquí

Endorsement is open to organisations and individuals, you can find the link to endorse the call to action here.