Accessible toilets are a human right

19 November 2018

19 November 2018 // Today 19 November is the World Toilet Day, and we would like to use this opportunity to emphasise that accessible toilets are, first of all, a human right.

For people living with disabilities such as spina bifida, being able to use an accessible, hygienic, safe and affordable toilet is not a luxury, but an essential – life saving –  human right that needs to be respected. Lack of access to an appropriate toilet can result in serious health consequences and even premature death. People living in poverty are particularly at risk of serious irreversible health damage due to lack of disability-friendly sanitation procedures

An accessible toilet for people with disabilities means the presence of adequate entrance and interior space, handrails, adult changing facilities and water supply, but also affordable continence materials of acceptable quality and in sufficient quantities. Furthemore, they should always have the chance to use the toilet with dignity and privacy.

We invite you to read our statement for the World Toilet Day.