Welcome to Dr. Sylvia Roozen: new IF Secretary General

4 June 2020

Since June 1 2020 IF has a new Secretary General in place! Dr. Sylvia Roozen has extensive work experience in the non-profit sector for people with preventable disabilities and in developing organizational strategies. In doing so, she has led multidisciplinary teams at a global level. You can contact Sylvia through her email address [email protected].

Sylvia will provide overall leadership and direction for the organization and she is the legal representative of IF. We are very happy to welcome her to our team, we are really excited to have her on board to continue shaping the present and future of IF together with all our members and partners.

Do not hesitate to check the ‘About us’ section of our website to get in touch with IF’s staff members.

Welcome to the spina bifida and hydrocephalus community, Sylvia!