15 April 2021

On April 10th, we celebrated the first IF’s Siblings Day which was an absolute success THANKS TO YOU! IF honoured siblings with SBH because siblings provide unconditional love and support throughout life: “They are like sunshine, it makes you happy just to know they are always there!”.

The Argentinian Youth Group from APEBI ONG wrote a very touching letter on this occasion: “IF’S SIBLINGS DAY: SIBLINGS WITH SPINA BIFIDA”.

Having a sibling is always a beautiful gift of life. Having a sibling with spina bifida is, without a doubt, a unique experience. A before and after in our history, and it is worth living it.

Growing up together, complementing each other, supporting and accompanying each other at every moment, teaching each other the different ways of doing the same thing, but on different paths, and always reaching the “Arrival” line, perhaps even overcoming thousands of barriers, obstacles or adversities, never giving up, putting all our efforts to achieve it, no matter what it takes. And always doing it together. Demonstrating to each other that with trust, support and love, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

The satisfaction of being able to share with our brother that progress, that achievement, that conquest and to grow together at the same time, make this journey the most exciting chapter of our lives.

“If we travel together on this wonderful journey that is life, there will be no obstacle that will stop us, BECAUSE TOGETHER, WE CAN DO MORE”.

All the pictures are easily accessible on our Instagram page here.