IF expert Steven Schiff wins award for research on preventing infections

15 October 2018

15 October 2018// IF is really happy to announce that Dr. Steven Schiff has won the prestigious NIH research award for his work on predictive models for the personal treatment of infectious disease.

Steven Schiff is a friend of IF and a member of our global network of experts, and his new research could help many children, especially in developing countries. In these parts of the world infections are the major cause of hydrocephalus, and Schiff’s work could allow people to prevent these kind of infections and the associated risk of hydrocephalus.

“Infant hydrocephalus is the most common reason for neurosurgery in young children worldwide,” said Schiff, adding that “If we are to best treat infectious disease, for example in these infants, we need to start focusing on preventing their infections, instead of training surgeons and building advanced surgical facilities to repair the effects after these infections occur.”

It’s a great honour and privilege to have Dr. Steven Schiff in our network, and we would like to congratulate him on precious work!

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