How to write project proposals and focus on mental health at IF EU workshop

31 May 2017

31 May 2017 // The first IF European workshop of 2017 took place in Berlin, from Friday 26 – Sunday 28 May. Members from 17 European countries came together to receive training from experts on different topics and discuss IF’s strategy 2018-2022.

The first day’s training was focused on how to conceptualise a project proposal when applying for funding, led by Dace Kasava, coach of Evolve Ltd. The participants worked on how to reach their target group and to analyse the issues that will lead towards their project’s goals and actions. The aim was to come up with tips for effective project management with limited administrative resources.

Saturday’s session was focused on a completely new issue for IF – mental health of people with disabilities and their families. To kick off the work on mental health, IF invited Dr. Peter McGovern, psychiatrist working with the World Health Organization (WHO), to give a training session on the human rights approach to mental health, focusing on issues such as recovery, self-esteem, family and carers’ and the role of organisations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) in inspiring hope for people experiencing mental and emotional distress.

The final session of the workshop which took place on Sunday focused on the future and served as a platform for the members to voice their concerns and offer their suggestions for the upcoming IF strategy 2018 – 2022. It was prepared by the Board, and led by its member Tom Scott from Ireland.

The intense Berlin programme also featured other meetings: the extraordinary General Assembly called to approve of IF’s 2016 Financial and Activity reports, and the Board meeting, bringing together IF directors to discuss the management and well-being of the organisation.

From IF’s staff and Board, we really want to thank all our members for taking the time to come to the workshop and sharing your invaluable expertise. Today and every day, you make IF what it is – a progressive, ambitious pioneer for the rights and well-being of all people with hydrocephalus and spina bifida, and a promoter of simple achievable primary prevention steps. Thank you!

You can check the photos of the training on our Facebook page.