COVID-19: testimonies from the SBH community

27 March 2020

During this global emergency situation it’s IF’s duty to advocate for the rights and needs of persons with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus (SBH). In order to convey your concerns and issues related to COVID-19, it is essential that IF’s members and partners share information with us regarding their country’s situation and their personal testimonies. Please read our newsletter which was sent last week to learn more about what we are asking the SBH community to share with us, we would really appreciate your input!

We have already received several testimonies and key information from some of our members and partners, thank you so much to all of you for your valuable contributions. We would like to share here some of the testimonies received:

Young woman with hydrocephalus from the UK: 

There is one thing I am fearful of and it is the financial implications of this virus. Should there be another recession, I fear losing my job and having to find a suitable job elsewhere that matches my needs.

Anđela Radovanović, young woman with spina bifida from Montenegro:

Officials issued a recommendation for all persons with disabilities (PWDs) to stay at home, but no special measures are in place for persons with disabilities. Medical supplies for people with spina bifida, like catheters, are still available in pharmacies, and National health protection fund created a platform where medical supplies and medicines can be ordered online, without visiting your doctor, if you are using them regularly.

You can read all the testimonies in IF’s Facebook Notes section

More updates and information coming soon!

Please do not hesitate to contact Carmen Clemente IF Communication Coordinator at [email protected]