Countdown towards World Birth Defects Day!

7 February 2018

7 February 2018 // World Birth Defects Day will take place the 3rd of March 2018! Since its launch in 2015, more and more volunteer-based organisations have joined this day to increase the awareness on birth defects surveillance, prevention, care and research. Every year we aim to raise awareness on this global health concern and urge the public, governments, organisations, policymakers, researchers and health care providers to help us to do the same all over the world. It is key to work together towards a healthy future for all children!

We would like to encourage you to help us spread awareness by signing up to the World Birth Defects Day Thunderclap Campaign! Please register with one or more social media account(s), such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and agree to post a one-time message on the March 3. Your support is very much needed to reach as many people as possible and let them know that birth defects can be prevented and treated!