3 March 2022

On February 25 2022, the IF International Youth Group held a Meet & Greet with Vangelis Koutalianos, a true motivational speaker born with Spina Bifida.

During this event, young participants had a chance to listen and chat with Vangelis Koutalianos. He shared with all the participants lots of interesting and inspiring life stories.

Despite having lost his ability to walk at the age of 35, Vangelis – a strong, positive and independent man – has found his strength to happily confront this obstacle. He is, currently, having a decent job at a travel agency, a happy family and an exciting life.

Vangelis is also a real adventurer with his travelling experiences such as going on a boat to discover an island, riding a camel in Dubai and riding an elephant in Thailand.

Besides, Vangelis shared valuable tips for young participants regarding relationship, safe travelling, working and daily life situations.

The event was very successful with lots of positive feedback from the participants. They expressed their interest and gratitude for having an occasion to learn from an experienced person with SBH and get inspired to live their best lives. They would like to proceed with these activities in the future.

The IF International youth group is going to organise more interesting events and activities. Please stay tuned and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

If you are interested in joining the IF International Youth Group, do not hesitate to contact Marcus Ward at [email protected]