15 years Food Fortification Initiative

31 October 2017

31 October 2017 // Last week, on the 24th of October, it was exactly 15 years since the Food Fortification Initiative (FFI) was launched, then known as the Flour Fortification Initiative. To celebrate the anniversary, FFI has honoured 15 fortification champions from different sectors and different parts of the world. These champions have done an excellent job representing the partnership throughout the years, which has influenced the increase of countries with wheat flour fortification mandates. In 2002, 46 countries had such mandates and in 2017 we watched the number rise to 87 countries with legislation to fortify wheat flour, maize flour, and/or rice. IF is proud to be on the Executive Management Team of FFI and very pleased with this remarkable result!

Take a look at the interviews with the fortification champions and gain a better understanding of why FFI’s work matters here.

About the Food Fortification Initiative
FFI is an international partnership that makes an effort to improve health through fortification of industrially milled grain products, including wheat flour, maize flour and rice. Research has shown that it is important to add vitamins and minerals to foods to prevent nutritional deficiencies that can cause nutritional anemia and birth defects such as Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. By adding nutrients to the foods, it is possible to ensure prevention, strengthen immune system and improve productivity.

FFI provides communication resources and technical assistance to support national stakeholders and NGOs that work for the development and implementation of food fortification policies.