Hydrocephalus Association - Zimbabwe


Hydrocephalus Association is a registered charity organisation (Trust) based in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Zimbabwe. We are a support network with a mission to research, assess, diagnose, intervene, case management, provision of health, education, food and clothing, rights fulfilment, referral, monitoring and evaluation of children with hydrocephalus inter-alia.

We have a partnership with Mpilo Central Hospital, a government Hospital, where we adopted the Neuro Surgery Ward which we refurbished for the purpose of treating children suffering from hydrocephalus condition. We assist these children with shunts, wheelchairs, paying medical fees and assisting their families with basic needs. We adopted the ward so that we can closely monitor their treatment and for that reason we continually seek for assistance to equip the ward with necessary medical equipment and other medical necessities for admitted children and those out of hospital.

We also acquired a 1,4629 hactares land from the Bulawayo City Council for the purposes of building a Slow learners School, a Clinic and a Rehabilitation Centre as well as doing various projects on site that will assist the hydrocephalus community in particular these children living with this condition. In the meantime, in collaboration with a local University of Science and Technology (NUST) we are in the process of seeking for Laboratory space at Mpilo Central Hospital which we would want to use for researches on hydrocephalus and non-communicable diseases.