Stiftung Folsäure Schweiz (SFS)


Swiss Folic Acid Foundation

The Swiss Folic Acid Foundation was founded in 2000 with the aim of closing the “folic acid gap” in Switzerland and thus reducing birth defects such as spina bifida.

The importance of a good folic acid supply is demonstrated by the fact that in almost 90 countries around the world, flour is fortified with folic acid by government decree. Switzerland is not one of them, and the “folic acid gap” that exists as a result needs to be closed.

Thanks to the Swiss Folic Acid Foundation, four out of five Swiss people are now aware of folic acid as a vital vitamin. Folic acid prophylaxis for women who wish to have children has long been standard practice, and over the past twenty years more than 200 products containing folic acid have been successfully launched on the market.

  • An overview of the foundation’s activities:
  • Educating and raising awareness among the Swiss population
  • Launch of folic acid products in cooperation with partners
  • Organization of lectures
  • Support for spina bifida sufferers