Suomen CP-liitto ry


Founded in 1965, the Finnish CP Association has 20 local member associations around the country. As a national disability organisation, the Finnish CP Association monitors the realisation of the rights of persons with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or hydrocephalus and their families. The activities of the Finnish CP Association focus on habilitation, extensive service provision, housing services and information dissemination.

As a national organisation, the Association promotes equal opportunities in society for persons with CP, Spina Bifida (MMC) and hydrocephalus or other childhood-onset physical disabilities of neurologic origin.

The basic goal of the Finnish CP Association is a widely accepted in disability politics: equality and full participation in society.

The Finnish CP Association’s activities for adults provide services and activities that contribute to the establishment and maintenance of social safety nets for adults with disabilities and facilitate the maintenance of social interaction with others living in the same area.