MTÜ Eesti Seljaajusonga ja Vesipeahaigete Selts


Our goal is to connect people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, their relatives, medical workers and volunteers into a single community, which supports life-long disease-fighting children, youth and adults, to the maximum fulfillment, coping and well-being.


  • SBH awareness of the problems and their contribution to solving.
  • Prevention in the social level of folic acid usefulness awareness through.
  • Information and information days, events, conferences, and organizing training for parents, teachers, medical workers.
  • Experience in counseling parents.
  • Children in the camp, in order to increase young people’s sick independence and self-satisfaction.
  • Family-friendly events, which offer positive emotions and new experiences.
  • Work with the social, health, and rehabilitation agencies.
  • SBH oriented publications and informational materials production and distribution.
  • Work with the Company’s activities are interested agencies, businesses and organizations both in Estonia and abroad, and distributing information.