Pancyprian Association of Rare Genetic Diseases 'Unique Smiles'


We are a group of people with rare diseases, parents, friends, and health
professionals who all shared, our strong concerns about the huge needs that
people with rare diseases must face. Needs such as an early diagnosis,
expertise, global approach by a group of health professionals, support, and

Our goal is to boost the health centers that already exist in our country, to
create a center of excellence for rare diseases. We would save mental and
financial costs if the patients or the parents arrived from a compatible path to the
specialized groups for a n early diagnosis and proper treatment!

Many patients and especially parents go from doctor to doctor until they end up to someone who knows or can recommend a specialist. We are a non-profit association with official action since February 21, 2014, under the registration number 4038.

Last September we are officially operating a multidisciplinary center, were evaluate and provide services such as pediatric physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, including augmentative and alternative communication, feeding and swallowing. Also, a full department of special education. The Center is providing services for ages 0-21. The department of mental health / psychologist includes a school psychologist as well as clinical psychologist. It is a first step towards the excellent center.