Udruga osoba i roditelja djece sa spinom bifidom "Aurora"


The Association of persons and parents of children with spina bifida “Aurora” is an organisation which brings together members whose lives were in any way touched by spina bifida. The young association, founded in October 2008, trying to gather the entire Croatian knowledge about the problem of spina bifida, the health risks associated with it, and thus help children and adults affected by SB and their families. The main task of the Association is to find and realise solutions and contribute to improving the quality of life, medical and social protection of people with spina bifida. Also, the Association seeks to sensitise the public regarding the problems which carries SB, emphasise the importance of support that environment for people with SB can provide, and to lobby for the realisation of the rights of patients with relevant institutions and point to opportunities for high quality treatment. An especially important activity of the Association is to inform prospective parents about the ways to prevent spina bifida through information leaflets about the importance of folic acid intake. One of the most important aims of the Association is the establishment of the Center for spina bifida, the place to be for people with spina bifida and to provide key medical and psychological support in one place, with specialists who will devote themselves to this form of challenge to health and thus contribute to optimal treatment and improving health condition.