IF EU Members Training: Connecting with policy makers and using social media for SBH advocacy


IF has an exciting new opportunity for its EU Members. IF is always looking for new ways to strengthen SBH advocacy on the national level. In this training session IF aims to demystify the processes of successful advocacy strategies for IF Members in Europe. Including how to connect and communicate with different policy makers and how to get the most impact through your social media activities.

This training is open for all IF Members in Europe, whether you are already active within your IF Member Organisation and wish to learn more about how to advance your advocacy. Or whether you are a member who is considering taking the next steps in your SBH advocacy. This training will cover the vital skills and information to maximise the impact of your actions. 

With the goal of empowering IF Members and providing participants with the information they need, registrants will be asked to answer a short survey when registering. The answers to these questions will shape the content of the training session. You have the opportunity to tell IF what you need to further your SBH advocacy. 

The session is on the 24th of April 3pm – 4:30pm (Central European Standard Time). 

Registrations are open for all IF Members in Europe. If you have any questions or comments please contact the IF Team at [email protected]